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Energy Distribution
Food To Table Event

Energy Distribution

Everyday when we wake up in the morning, we go through an energy distribution phase where we make a decision, consciously or unconsciously on what we are going to focus on. Empowering habits lead to a successful life. Whereas, disempowering habits lead us to mediocrity in every aspect of life.

Food To Table Event

  • Food to table event
  • Food to table discussion
  • Michelle Aslan serving healthy desserts
  • Would you like some delicious, healthy desserts?

An event that celebrates fresh food and community.  I was invited to prepare a delicious raw meal with some yummy desserts for this event. At the “Food to Table” event we had a meal made of fresh ingredients, sourced directly from the local market. Most importantly, it was about sharing a meal and some special time with friends while celebrating Vancouver’s fresh bounty.  This was an amazing event with the right menu, and the right people!

Fresh apple pie with coconut ice-cream


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