I have a strong passion for teaching, knowledge translation, and the communication of ideas. As an educator I am skilled in creating an engaging learning environment featuring thematic units with integrated curriculum, hands-on interactive lessons and mult-media technology. My work with at-risk youth and as the mentor lead for the SFU, international graduate students has awakened a very keen awareness within me that becoming a genuinely effective educator requires exceptional skills in curriculum development and planning that will help students develop their own unique gifts and talents.

My focus and research interests include: Sustainable wellbeing in academia, creating safe and optimal learning environments in corporate settings.


  • Masters in Education & Curriculum Planning, Simon Fraser University – 2016
  • University Teaching and Learning Certificate, Simon Fraser University – 2015
  • BC Provincial Instructors Diploma, Vancouver Community College – 2010
  • Fine Arts Techniques, Emily Carr University, 2009

Art and Media Portfolio:  www.michelleaslan.ca

Professional Development:

  • Safe Harbor – AMSSA – Diversity & Inclusion, 2017
  • Ed Media Protégé, Simon Fraser University, 2016
  • Food Safety Level I & II, 2016
  • Instructional Skills Workshop, Simon Fraser University, 2015
  • Project Management I and II, Simon Fraser University, 2015
  • Scientific and Technical Writing, Simon Fraser University, 2015
  • Time Management, Simon Fraser University, 2015
  • International Teaching Assistant Certification, Simon Fraser University, 2015
  • APEX – Advanced Professional Engagement And Exploration, Simon Fraser University, 2015

Workshops I have designed and facilitate:

  • Enhance Your Productivity & Performance – 2010-Current
    In this workshop I teach management and staff, how to collapse disempowering behaviors and habits to improve productivity and enhance performance. So that the organization can be more productive and profitable.
  • Go From Stuck To Unstoppable – 2010-Current
    This one day workshop is designed to help young and mature adults to quit addictive, disempowering behaviors and habits, such as smoking, drinking and over-eating, to manifest positive change.
  • Align With Your Life’s Purpose – 2010-Current
    A two-day career and life-planning workshop, to help adults align with their true calling and passion with the help of contemplation, art, meditation, innovative methodologies and processes. This workshop is based on evaluations and subsequent follow-ups for up to three months.
  • Transformation Through Creative Exploration – 2010-Current
    This workshop is aimed at freeing people’s creativity. If you are creatively blocked, the tools provided in this workshop will help unblock your creativity. Who can join this workshop? Artists, non artists, painters, screen writers, film makers, novelist, homemakers, dancers, art directors, potters, photographers, anyone interested in the art of creative living. This workshop will aid you in being creatively rounded and balanced.
  • Reverse Your Diabetes With Healthy Food Choices – 2010-Current
    In this workshop participant will discover how to take action to reverse diabetes in simple, inexpensive and non-intrusive ways. Feel energetic, lose excess weight and lower blood pressure. Create low fat, delicious, nutritious meals suitable for those with nut and gluten allergies.

Books I have authored: 

  • Practical Aspects of Well-Being in Academia
  • Body, Brain And Business
  • Type 2 Diabetes Is A Choice
  • Healthy Footprints
  • Conscious Cuisine
  • Healthy Desserts for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Savory Macarons
  • Savory Cookies

Publications I have co-authored:

  • Health Promoting Universities: Shifting from health education to social innovation. Fourth Edition. Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc. Toronto. 2017
    Coauthored a book chapter with Ardiles P, Hutchinson C, Stanton A, Dhaliwal R, Aslan M and Black T. In Rootman I, Dupéré S, Pederson A, and Dupéré, S.


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