Teaching And Research

Professional Work Experience

Business Instructor / E-learning And Instructional Design – Brighton College – Current

Courses: 1) Project Management 2) Digital Media and Marketing

E-Curriculum Developer: Organizational Behavior | Human Resources Management | PMI Risk Management |Project Management | Event Management | Social Media Marketing| | Marketing Research | Marketing A Global Managerial Approach | Professional Selling Skills | Project Management Professional | Capstone Project PMP | Teamwork And Team Building

  • Facilitate and teach business students, fundamentals of Project Management and methodology
  • Define and initiate projects and assign Project Managers to manage cost, schedule, and performance of component projects, while working to ensure the ultimate success and acceptance of the program
  • Maintain continuous alignment of program scope with strategic business objectives, and make recommendations to modify the program to enhance effectiveness toward the business result or strategic intent
  • Build credibility, establish rapport, and maintain communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organization
  • Coach and lead students within a technical team environment
  • Mentor students in encouraged best practices in project management and project planning
  • Responsible and accountable for the coordinated management of multiple related projects directed toward strategic business and other organizational objectives

Project Coordinator / Educator – Inventa | Brand Momentum |Proof Experience – Jan 2012 – Current

  • Design, develop, deliver, and evaluate high-quality, learner-focused, interactive training programs to drive marketing campaigns and improve performance
  • Coordinate vendors, event contributors including performers, photographers, caterers, and transportation services
  • Manage Scheduling, including but not limited to event staffing, building operations, event set-up and break-down
  • Work with Clients to guide them through the event details and serve as their personal coordinator throughout the entire planning process and event

Projects worked in 2018: World Rugby Cup | USCAP Pathology Conference | Vancouver Auto Show | TED Talk | Lindt Excellence |  Translink | Metro Vancouver | Emerald Health | “Know More” Opioid Awareness – Health Canada | Outback Team Building

Business Instructor, Business Instructor – Greystone College – Mar 2018 – June 2018 (part-time)

Courses: 1) Next Steps Co-op Education 2) Job Search Preparation

  • Enhance students understanding of basic career and business skills
  • Grade assignments, provide constructive feedback and evaluate student’s progress
  • Develop students time management, communication, goal setting and assertiveness training skills
  • Conduct workshops in: Professional Image, Presentation Skills, Leadership skills, Interview skills and Job Application process

Business Instructor – ILAC International Business College, Jun 2017 – Feb 2018
Courses taught: 1) Leadership in Business 2) Canadian Work Place Essential Skill’s

  • Provided relevant assignments for students that demonstrate learning outcomes in a real-life setting
  • Challenged, engaged and communicated with students to encourage their participation and learning while maintaining mutual value and respect
  • Delivered competency-based education which aligned with the college model of curricula and style of teaching
  • Designed class instruction through the development of instructional plans and activities to meet course competencies and lesson objectives
  • Enabled the achievement of pre-described exit competencies for student achievement by providing instruction to foster skill and establish student performance criteria
  • Promoted student success by showing flexibility in style and work schedule as well as exhibiting a passion for teaching and engaging students in the learning process
  • Related professional/life/industry experience to learning by the continuation of technical skills development the introduction of industry perspective into courses and the active awareness of industry trends and opportunities

Director of Graduate Student Services, Simon Fraser University, Jan 2016 – Jan 2017

  • Oversaw the administration and strategic direction of all of the GSS’s services
  • Adjudicated GSS grants and bursaries in partnership with the relevant GSS Committees
    Acted as a liaison and advocate for graduate students regarding the Health Benefit Plan
  • Researched and proposed opportunities to improve existing, or create new, services that could be beneficial to our members
  • Acted as a liaison and advocate for graduate students on University committees or groups related to the services
  • Monitored the Office of Graduate Studies and Post- Doctoral Fellow’s
  • Administered services for graduate students, including professional development support

Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC – Sep 2015 – Apr 2017

Faculty of Business

  • Project Management – BUS 361 – Fall 2016
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Summer 2016
  • Business, Society and Ethics – BUS 303 – Spring 2016
  • Project Management – BUS 361 – Fall 2015

Faculty of Economics

  • Economics and Government – ECON104 – D100 – Spring 2017
  • World Economics – ECON 102 – D100 – Spring 2017
  • Economics and Government – ECON104 – D100 – Fall 2016
  • Economics and Government – ECON104 – D900 – Spring 2016
  • Economics and Government – ECON104 – D100 – Spring 2016

Faculty of Education

  • Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice – EDUC471-C100 – Fall 2016
  • Finding Your Voice In Academia – EDUC 199 – Summer 2016
  • Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice – Spring 2016

Duties involved: 

  • Maintained Office hours, marked weekly assignments and graded papers
  • Enabled the achievement of pre-described exit competencies for student achievement by providing instruction to foster skill and establish student performance criteria

Research Experience
Health Promotions in Practise – Canadian Context – HSCI – 855 – 2016
Faculty of Health Sciences –
Graduate Studies – Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
Action Research –
Optimal Learning Environments

Research Project – Ways to Learn  –   Jan 2016  to Dec 2016
Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Mamchur – Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University
“Ways to Learn” is a project that examines the various ways people learn from formal lecture to experiential learning on the job, in the lab, on a farm, in a war. Analyzing which conditions promote the greatest opportunity for learning.

Our idea is to investigate the effectiveness of animal assisted learning in teaching mindfulness and offering a relaxing environment to de-stress and achieve a sense of personal power before exam taking.

Research Project –
Learning in Depth – Summer Semester 2015

Supervisor: Dr. Kieran Egan – Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University
“Learning in Depth” is a simple though radical innovation in curriculum and instruction designed to ensure that all students become experts about something during their school years. Each child is given a particular topic to learn about through her or his whole school career, in addition to the usual curriculum, and builds a personal portfolio on the topic.

Volunteer Experience

  • Director, of Education & Training, 2016 – 2017
    Healthy Mind, Healthy Campus Network, Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Mentor Lead, 2016 – 2017
    International Graduate Student’s Mentorship Program, Simon Fraser University
  • Mentor, 2012
    The Gifted Kids Program, Vancouver School Board

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